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Experimental Misfits to release in February!

I am taking preorders through bandcamp. Pre-orders will really help fund the last stages of putting it all together, which can get expensive fast. When you pre-order you will be able to download two prerelease tracks immediately, and will get an email the day the album is officially released. At that point you can download the whole album in the format of your choice, and or I will mail you a Physical copy. Thanks so much to everyone that has helped make this thing possible! Please share!!!

UPDATE 1/20/2012: The album is Musically DONE! I just have to Master it, put all the artwork together, and then get it printed.

Hallucinations is out!

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped support the creation of Hallucinations and flying Overhead Studios by paying for the hard copy, downloads, and posters. It would not have been possible without your contributions. These will still be avialable on all major music sites for download, and hard copys as long as I have them.

I have now decided to make the album available free for download. The download will have the album, all of the artwork (Including the poster), Videos (Including the so Easy Music Video), and some extras that were made at Flying Overhead Studios during the creation of the project.

All that I ask is that you share this website with everyone that you think would be interested in what we do here at Flying Overhead Studios and thoughs that may be interested in getting involved. Please help support our local artists here in Bloomington Indiana and beyond to create the Art we all love and enjoy.

To download just click on the "Hallucinations" link to the side of this text. You can also download my first album "Wishing Well"

Thank you all very much!


jyra (mike McGinnis)