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Ziona has released her debut album "All I Could Do".

Recorded and produced At Flying Overhead Studios for Rewind Records, the album will be available at Rewind, Land Locked Music, through Ziona, through me directly, or a digital download is avialable at Vibe Deck. Make sure you get a copy!

wish I knew then from eduardo on Vimeo. Flying Overhead Studios.

Check out the music video for my new song "Headroom"

Andrew Behringer, (my friend and local film maker) helped me put together this Music video with a combination of freash footage and clips takin from the NYC Occupy Wall Street protests. It has more than 1700 views so far!

Our Services page is now available

See what Flying Overhead can do for you: Services.

So Cold The River Soundtrack Demo has been delivered to Michael Koryta

I have been writing a soundtrack for Michael Koryta's novel So Cold The River. This is the demo I sent to him.

Flying Overhead Studios Drunken Bonus Tracks: Volume 2

Every year, here at Flying Overhead Studios, we like to release all the silly nonsense we made in our spare time that isn't fit for release on any serious project. Enjoy these songs, pictures, and videos. If you aren't on this album, make sure to come make something for the next one!

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Age of Appropriation: by Travis Puntarelli Release!

The long awated release is finally here. Recorded right here at Flying Overhead.

"OKAY, I am going, tomorrow, to the West. To find my Lady Po. Mike laughs. "...It sounds important." Topher is Shaking the tambrel. Topher drops to his knees, throws out his hands and shouts "BRING A BOW AND A HATCHET! Watch out for the wily wonders." Derek took a picture. "Or takes a picture? Every thing's in present tense so far" Says Derek. Then he starts talking about giving away books. You should never hold onto a book." ~Travis

Travis's Profile

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Hallucinations Release!

Flying Overhead Studios has released there first full Album "Hallucinations" You can purchase the Digital download at Digstation. If you want the Hard copy it is for sale at LandLocked Music downtown Bloomington, or you can email us and have a copy dilivered to you.

UPDATE: Hallucinations is also now avialable for free download Here!


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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson